Opening night of Elisa Monte Dance at The Joyce Theater is one week from today!  The dancers are incredibly busy with rehearsals and will be doing tech in the theater next week.  The oldest piece on the program, dating back to 1984, is Elisa Monte's Audentity, set to music by Klaus Schulze.  Audentity is a composite word describing identity through sound, and fittingly, the piece itself is a visual interpretation of the music's rhythm and flow.  The dancers are dressed in all white and the pace runs from fast to slow.  According to Elisa Monte, Audentity is a unity of body, soul, and mind, weaving together the unexpected. The Joyce program also includes the NY premiere of Zydeco, Zaré, the world premiere of Arrow's Path, and Slope of Enlightenment

Tickets can be ordered online or by calling 212-242-0800.