Choreography Workshop '09


The Elisa Monte Dance (EMD) Choreography Workshop was a six day affair conducted by renowned choreographer, Elisa Monte, in which participants were offered the opportunity to expand their choreographic abilities. This program was open to anyone 18  years old or older who have had at least 3 years of professional experience with dance/choreography.

During the process, participants were encouraged to explore and manipulate movement while receiving feedback from several artists including Elisa Monte.


In addition, participants were given the chance to discuss their choreographic obstacles as well as hear guest choreographers share their own choreographic process. By the end of the week, many participants molded their solos into dynamic duets or great groups and presented their work in the showing held at the Alvin Ailey studios. Please visit our website to view more images and the videos!


All the performances can be seen on the Elisa Monte Dance website. Enjoy!!