What's In Your Bag?

A dancer's bag is as deep, mysterious, and eccentric as that of Mary Poppins. Come take a look inside our Person of the Month's dance bag to find out what they can't live without...


What's In Tiffany's Bag?

  • iPad and Stylus: Always working on the go!
  • Sunglasses in their hard case: A really good pair of sunglasses is worth investing in
  • Pie Face leftover box: The Thai Chicken Curry pie is the pbest!
  • Bengay Pain Relieving Patches: Always be prepared for anything
  • MELT Hand and Foot Kit (DVD, Band, Balls): A perfect way to roll out the pain
  • A clean tee to change into after rehearsal (love for Jimi): Comfy and stylish
  • A healthy snack: Trail mix is great for energy
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder: It's the solution to so many problems
  • An excellent read: Currently reading Joan Silber's Ideas of Heaven