Did You Know...? with Malik Kitchen

This month marks the second edition of a new segment in our Person of the Month series. Did You Know...? is the perfect chance to learn a few fun facts about our artists. Find out the random, the funny, the strange!

New Reality Show Idea: Brunching Through Venice with Elsa The Dog

  1. I'm really into fashion and if I wasn't a dancer I would probably want to be a personal stylist or shopper.
  2. Favorite food: Authentic Mexican
  3. Favorite place I've traveled:  The beautiful Venice, Italy
  4. Guilty pleasure: Reality TV
  5. Favorite super hero: My mother
  6. Dream pet: An all white French bulldog named Elsa (like Frozen)
  7. Favorite color: Black
  8. Favorite social activity: Brunch
  9. Favorite flower: Lily
  10. Most used hashtag: #byefelicia