What's In Your Bag?

A dancer's bag is as deep, mysterious, and eccentric as that of Mary Poppins. Come take a look inside our Person of the Month's dance bag to find out what they can't live without...


What's In Maria's Bag?

  • Leopard-print Steve Maddens: perfect for staying stylish on the go
  • An energy snack bar: a must-have for those long rehearsal days
  • A bottle of nice perfume: sometimes there isn't enough time to head home and shower between rehearsal and date-night
  • Cute wallet: Who says practical things can't have flair?
  • Wash-cloth: towel-down to avoid slippery catches mid-rehearsal
  • A book: Maria doesn't go anywhere without one. Today its Simone de Beauvoir's The Woman Destroyed
  • Lip gloss: all she needs to be ready for going out
  • Coconut water: Harmless Harvest's 100% Raw Coconut Water is restorative when water just isn't enough
  • iPhone: Note matching green case
  • Leg Warmers: the 80s are back!
  • Bobby pins: Got to keep the hair in place for performances
  • Dark chocolate: A little sweet, a little bitter, very intense
  • A stylish notebook: Perfect for writing down choreography, mottos, and interviews
  • Large water bottle: HYDRATION! (also green)