What An Amazing APAP Weekend!

A program of audience favorites, old and new, spreading over three decades that includes Elisa’s rhythmic tour de force "Pigs and Fishes" (1982), the moving and dark "Terra Firma" (2013), and Monte's latest work, the collaborative exploration of existence, permanence, and the ephemeral nature of living, "Lonely Planet" (2014). Monte's pieces will be shown alongside Rea-Fisher's latest piece, "Persona Umbra," a crisp duet described as "a force of excellence."

There is nothing quite like dance with live music, unless it is dance that uses live music performed by musicians whom your audience knows. Elisa Monte Dance Company is as innovative as it is firmly rooted in the beauty of modern dance and contemporary ballet and we have two opportunities for savvy presenters to engage their community, local musicians and their colleagues.

Pigs & Fishes Reincarnate
We have developed an affordable way to make this treat‹live music--possible for your audience. Pigs & Fishes, Elisa Monte¹s landmark work, is being reborn with its score newly-arranged for percussion ensemble. If you are a university presenter, your school of music¹s percussion ensemble can perform live with Elisa Monte Dance. If your organization is not university-based, it's likely that your community has the percussion talent that's needed. This unique community-based or town-and-gown collaboration can attract earned media attention‹ which is free marketing and new connections will likely be made.

From the educational aspect, this is the same sort of opportunity that the dance world offers to aspiring dance students, but dance master classes and collaborations are rarely designed in a way through which aspiring musicians can cut their teeth.