What's In Your Bag?

A dancer's bag is as deep, mysterious, and eccentric as that of Mary Poppins. Come take a look inside our Person of the Month's dance bag to find out what they can't live without...


What's In Ricky's Bag?

  • Fabulous headphones: For pumping up the volume
  • Wilson balls: Perfect for rolling out tense and overactive muscles
  • Super stylish flip-up sunglasses: Easy for quick indoor/outdoor transitions
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizer: For post-dance cleansing
  • Shine for Sheraton Body Lotion: Does the skin good!
  • Tiger Balm: A must-have in every dancer's bag
  • Kneepads: For keeping knees protected, especially during floorwork
  • Pure Fitness Yoga Mat: Perfect for stretching out on before class or rehearsals
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club little tin
  • Apple slices: A healthy snack for keeping energy during dance class
  • Glenn Perri's DarkSider Cologne: A dancer wants to smell good post-workout
  • A second pair of sunglasses: 1 is never enough!
  • Citrus Lotion: Moisturizing AND fragrant
  • iPhone: With a Miley case, of course!
  • Mint Lip Balm: It's important to protect all body parts against winter dryness
  • Earbuds: 1 pair of headphone just doesn't cut it
  • Charger: Whats a phone if its not charged?
  • Stretch Bands: A dancer's prime tool for stretching and strengthening muscles
  • iPad: Connection to the outside world is a must