LONELY PLANET is an investigation of some present day issues - environmental instability, economic uncertainty, and isolation in a tech-driven world. Lonely Planet explores the growing isolation that proliferates in contemporary society, which seems to grow, not diminish, despite global inter-connectivity through technology and the ever-expanding communications options available. I believe that as we connect through technology, we leave behind links to traditional customs and family ties that once bound us together. A new order is forming in which definitions of family are changing and expanding. Will this ever increasing network of global inter-connectivity ultimately help us to overcome our isolation and loneliness? Will we succeed in having the capacity to have humanity be our family and earth our home?

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UNSTABLE GROUND explores the feeling of universal instability permeating the world due to unexpected shifts in our environment and economy. This full company piece highlights our dependency on structures both natural and man made that no longer may be able to help sustain our current way of life.

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Inspired by the music of Meredith Monk, TERRA FIRMA is a requiem to the many colleagues, close associates, and friends who have passed on yet whose remains exist in Monte’s accumulated memories. "...looking back to a fleeting moment in a floating world"  Allen Ginsberg.

This work features new music by composer Rubin Kodheli and is funded by New Music USA’s 2013 Live Music For Dance Program and Milan Vetter.


A language, of course, is not merely a set of grammatical rules or a vocabulary.  It is a flash of the human spirit, the vehicle by which the soul of each particular culture comes into the material world. Every language is an old-growth forest of the mind, a water-shed of thought, an ecosystem of spiritual possibilities...within a generation or two we will be witnessing the loss of fully half of humanity's social, cultural and intellectual legacy. Wade Davis (2009) The Wayfinders, pg. 3 With an original commissioned sound score by Kevin James and using taped field recordings and archival material, VANISHING LANGUAGES brings attention to the ongoing mass extinction of many indigenous languages throughout the world.