By fully immersing the students and integrating them into our company for an extended period, we hope to both improve the students’ technique and to instill in them a greater understanding of themselves and of the “process” of dance and choreography. For the duration of longer-term residencies, we assume that students are members of our company and treat them as such. We believe that by maintaining high expectations, we instill in the students a sense of responsibility that enables and encourages them to achieve great leaps in ability and understanding. It is our feeling that constructive and positive comments are most successful and forceful, and that a non-threatening environment is most conducive to the retention of knowledge.
— Elisa Monte

EMD pays special attention to “at risk” populations such as the mentally and physically handicapped and battered women.  During the company’s residency at Dickinson State University, company members taught dance classes focused on self-esteem for the residents of two social service groups, Able, Inc. and the Life After Fear Support Group.

Public access to the collaborative process includes Q&As at select performances and showings to give audiences greater insight into both the art form and the subject matter.