CONGRATULATIONS! You've been accepted to the Elisa Monte Dance Summer Series. Held July 23 - August 6 in Lake Placid, NY. On behalf of Elisa Monte Dance, we are excited to begin working with you this summer.  Below please find a payment schedule and link that allows you to make payments toward your tuition, room, and/or, board. Also see the payment schedule that will detail when payments are due in order to attend this years Summer Series. 

Fees and Payment Schedule
Tuition: $1,300
A $500 deposit towards tuition must be paid at time of registration.
Room and Board: $900
Room and Board is optional if you have made other arraignments.
Bus from NYC: $100 each way
Transportation is optional if you have made other arraignments


**EMDSS also accepts checks. If mailing a check please send to the address below. PLEASE NOTE WHO AND WHAT PAYMENT IS FOR CLEARLY ON THE CHECK**

Please do not hesitate to reach out with further questions or concerns! You can
email us at or call us at 212.868.4488 x710.

Lost your welcome packet? Click here to download it!

Welcome to the EMD family!