Lake Placid School of Dance

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Curriculum based Dance Training- We bring the New York City Dance Scene to upstate NY.

Train with EMD dancers in Lake Placid, NY all year!  Register today ages 3-18. 

The ongoing collaboration between Elisa Monte Dance (EMD) and the Lake Placid Center for the Arts (LPCA) has resulted in Elisa Monte Dance’s Artistic Director, Tiffany Rea-Fisher and Executive Director, David Sadowsky, co-directing the newly named Lake Placid School of Dance. The Lake Placid School of Dance ushers in a new model of dance training, where a New York City based modern dance company, directs a school remotely.  Co-Directors will run the school from NYC, with company members, traveling to and from Lake Placid on a 2-3 week interim. At least one member of Elisa Monte Dance, will be at The Lake Placid School of Dance for the entire school year, rotating instructors. 

Infusing EMD into the Lake Placid community opens up a wide range of possibilities for our new students. Students of The Lake Placid School of Dance will now have access to a professional dance company based in New York City. NYC is undoubtedly the capital of the dance world, these students will now have greater access to a professional dance network, without having to leave their families and move to the city.   

Recreational Level/Curriculum Training Level/Pre-Professional Level