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Sin Gogolak

Founder of GOGO Public Relations and Marketing, Sin Gogolak is a renowned publicist who started her career in the beauty industry. Her love of the arts and passion for nonprofits led her towards a career in marketing and publicity. Sin has spent the last decade cultivating contacts and building relationships throughout the nation in order to help each client tell their own exceptional story. Always on the front line of each campaign, she can be found helping organizations integrate their marketing strategies, spearheading major news announcements, organizing press for galas, and at every major event and brainstorming session that an individual or organization hosts. Sin prides herself on becoming a part of her client's family and sharing in their successes. 

Over her career, Sin and her team have placed thousands of stories in the media nationwide. Among Sin's numerous placements are stories in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, PBS, The Huffington Post and hundreds of other broadcast, print and digital outlets.

Sin graduated Magna cum Laude from Temple University's Fox School of Business with degrees in Finance, Marketing and International Business with a focus on Economics.

In her free time, Sin can be found playing with her animated toddler Brock, shopping for fun vintage clothing, taking a walkabout in a new urban neighborhood, or cooking something exciting