Press Quotes 


"Elisa Monte's Lonely Planet reveals her proficiency in terms of movement invention."


"In Lonely Planet, Elisa Monte's marvelous troupe of dancers take over the space...evok[ing] the contemporary world in dance that veers from stylized to sensuous."

Oberon's Grove

"Elisa Monte Dance continues to raise the bar through thoughtful and cleanly crafted performances. Monte is a master craftsman who has the ability to conceive a movement concept and turn it into a complete choreographic statement."

Out & About NYC Magazine

"An impressive and powerful new work by Monte, Lonely Planet is a grounded display of the incredible work this company delivers."

Eye on Dance


"The dancers interactions are intimate, contrasting the moments when they evolve into simultaneous mini solos, drawing the audience's attention in different directions."

The Examiner

"Unstable Ground has the emotional depth and intelligence that has been a hallmark of Ms. Monte’s works since the creation of Treading in 1979...The Elisa Monte Dance Company has again shown New York City why it is in such high demand in the dance venues around the world."

NYC Dance Stuff

"Monte uses physical power in the way most people use words, alternatively reigning in and letting loose her dancers to create a conversation about loss, fear, or any message she chooses to convey."

Eye on Dance


"Elisa Monte is the type of artist who understands that true beauty is not always beautiful. It was gratifying to see dance works that do not subscribe to the “everything but the kitchen sink” ethos. Her style and a movement vocabulary remain honest, fresh and free of redundancy."

Harlem World Magazine

"Pigs and Fishes is one of the great hallmarks of contemporary dance in America."

NYC Dance Stuff

"Her signature style is daring, intense, passionate, classical and highly athletic, roosted in sensuality and a controlled, sustained energy—all of which is apparent onstage today."

Lake Placid Adirondacks


"An exporter of highly physical modern dance with a sleek look"

Dance Magazine

"[Monte's] intellect...shares the governing duties with emotions that...probe with conspicuous force."

Eye on Dance

"If you only ever see one piece of modern dance choreography, [Shattered] is it."

NYC Dance Stuff


"...visually depict the nuances of human nature by creating a patchwork of movement that weaves in and out, starts and stops, rises and falls, touches and releases..."

Dance Spirit


"Slope of Enlightenment is a beautiful manifestation of Elisa Monte's signature "chaos into pattern", which is set on dancers at their peak of emotional and physical agility."


The dancers here are like futuristic intergalactic ambassadors, striding and lunging tirelessly along a diagonal strip of white flooring, executing calm balances while their raised legs hinge and rotate. They come in peace, these fierce beings.

The New York Times


"Monte’s capacity for conveying a rootedness seems almost infinite..."

Voice of Dance

"Elisa Monte is the kind of choreographer that the dance community should cherish because she drives right to the juicy nugget of visceral highs and lows that dance lovers crave."

Daily Gazette


"Through the vehicle of Monte's always interesting and ethereal pieces, the dancers exhibited individual and collective commitment to their choreography, choreographer and one another, creating an ever-evolving series of moods and landscapes in which each of the individual dancers contributed seamlessly to a stunning whole."


"[Tiffany Rea's] riveting onstage personality emphasizes the fluidity, precision, and vitality of the choreography."

Dance Magazine


"...impressive...appealing...stunning...nonstop intensity..."

The New York Times

"Whether an Elisa Monte dance lurches in fast-forward or lingers on a juncture for precarious poses, it quickens the pulse...In the balancing of flow and visual density, in the apportionment of energy, her material gain[s] impact. "

Dance Magazine

"Her performers - physically diverse, united in spirit - constitute a tribe of their own. It's characterized by grace, daring and an almost palpable camaraderie."



"Ms. Monte lengthens her antic choreographic phrases to create lyrical or even elegiac effects."

The New York Times

"A Woman's Way gives Monte an opportunity to display her remarkable talent for revealing the subtleties of human character through sensual movement."

Valerie Gladstone

"Treading bears Monte's signature style - daring, intense, passionate and highly athletic."

Woodstock Times

"...Ms. Monte's heart-on-her-sleeve humanism breaks through... [with] the consistency and thoroughness of her if a suddenly opened window had cast her choreography in brighter light."

The New York Times

"Stunning as ever. Exploits the power of superb dancers whose legs shoot high and whose bodies arch until you think they might crack - with each kick, spin, or leap they seem to cry out, "Oh my God! in ecstasy or desperation."

Village Voice

", utterly committed dancing and choreographic invention that spans more than two decades."



"a fleeting bit of magically velvet and sinuous dancing"

The New York Times

"The body is glorified, not merely used, in the choreography of Elisa Monte..."

The New York Times

"Elisa Monte's dances are for hedonists - or audiences who like to immerse themselves in the moment..."

The New York Times

"A gravity-defying excursion into light and shadow..."

The New York Times

"Beautifully sculptured bodies flashed through sensuous lighting to music of a high-caloric richness. Stylish nonstop dancing was filled with opening upper torsos, stretching limbs and wraparound embraces."

The New York Times


"Her dances are among the most unabashedly sensuous to be seen on the New York stage these days, with a physicality that manages to be both raw and deliberate, abandoned yet tautly controlled."

The New York Times

"Monte and her nine dancers are eloquent in a movement language that most of their contemporaries have forgotten. No matter what her theme, or level of invention, they look superbly centered, energized from within, full of feeling...restoring to desensitized and cerebral contemporary dance its profound kinetic birthright."

Los Angeles Times

"Miss Monte soars above the pavements in joyous, high-flying dance"

The New York Times

"Miss Monte is the rare dance-maker who matches the organic logic, sensuousness and cool distance of the ''trance'' music so popular among choreographers today."

The New York Times