LONELY PLANET is an investigation of some present day issues - environmental instability, economic uncertainty, and isolation in a tech-driven world. Lonely Planet explores the growing isolation that proliferates in contemporary society, which seems to grow, not diminish, despite global inter-connectivity through technology and the ever-expanding communications options available. I believe that as we connect through technology, we leave behind links to traditional customs and family ties that once bound us together. A new order is forming in which definitions of family are changing and expanding. Will this ever increasing network of global inter-connectivity ultimately help us to overcome our isolation and loneliness? Will we succeed in having the capacity to have humanity be our family and earth our home?


Choreography by: Elisa Monte

Music by: David Van Teighem

Costumes by: Keiko Voltaire

Lighting by: Clifton Taylor

Projection by: Paul Lieber

Premiered: 2014