Elisa Monte Dance is proud to offer the following:

  • Law Firm Showings


The showing typically consists of an introduction by Elisa Monte of her work and her creative vision for the Company, then a preview of new dance choreography and a portion of existing works. The evening continues with a cocktail reception (wine and appetizers) with the artistic directors, the dancers and key board members. This permits a relaxed and informal conversation about the works and the artistic process, and offers a vignette into the lives of young New York performing artists. The format is flexible ‐ depending on the circumstances, programs may be customized and firms so desiring may arrange for separate catering or provide their own wine selection. Firms may also wish to consider private showings as a unique cultural adjunct to firm meetings and recognition events, or as a client event. Read more here...

  • Party With Us


A Twitter party is a fast and fun virtual party for your patrons, using Twitter as a platform. Usually held in the evening, Twitter parties typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour and are a wonderful way for your audience to connect with our dancers and discuss a topic of their choice. The Twitter parties are hosted by former Elisa Monte dance and current Associate Artistic Director Tiffany Rea-Fisher who will announce the #hashtag prior to the event to keep the party on topic. A Twitter party is the perfect way to prep for the upcoming performance.

  • Get Up & Move!


Get Up & Move! is a series of innovative and relaxing exercises that board members, office works, or any group can use to incorporate physical activity and learn about healthy lifestyles in a fun, interactive way. Activities range from meditation and isolations to our "Yoga to the People" classes, which is a yoga class for those who are new to yoga.