EMD Teaching Philoshophy


Is defined as the ability to share and understand the feelings of another. EMD strives to lead with EMPATHY and joy at the forefront of everything we do. We create an environment for our students where EMPATHY is safely encouraged and supported. EMPATHY should extend from teacher to teacher, teacher to student and student to student. Understand where your colleagues are, share the experience with them and rise up together as a community.


The sense of belonging and being apart of a group with shared experiences. With empathy as our baseline, we are able to establish a strong COMMUNITY. In this COMMUNITY students and teachers alike are supported to reach their maximum level of achievement.


Is unique to every individual. No two students are held to the same standard of ACHIEVEMENT.  Every student is guided to their maximum level of ACHIEVEMENT, through similar processes.


While the expectation of achievement varies based on the individual child, the PROCESS is the same. By exploring PROCESS, students will gain a better understanding of the value of hard work, how to work with a team and develop their on individuality.


EMD will curate a safe space that encourages the development of each child’s INDIVIDUALITY. The sense of uniqueness and being one of a kind is essential to the development of one’s artistry. Once a child understand process, they can begin to understand how their INDIVIDUALITY and unique talents can aid their community. Every child innately has their own INDIVIDUALITY, we will guide them along this journey to cultivating their unique talents to support our community.


Studying dance instills DISCIPLINE almost automatically. Whether a student decides to become a professional dancer or not, the DISCIPLINE taught in dance class will serve them throughout their life in any profession. The combination of a strong sense of individuality and DISCIPLINE sets the foundation for a successful adulthood.


The practice of understanding what it takes for YOU to “put your best foot forward”. Discovered through trial and error, REGIMEN is crucial to success and gives the child more control over the outcome of their work. Developing a REGIMEN early teaches children responsibility for their actions, and gives students more control over their destiny, allowing them to set realistic and attainable goals.

Setting Goals

Not every child will be a professional dancer, some will and others will use their training to be their best in other professions, and both are OK! Dance training is an excellent way to focus a Child, and develop a GOAL oriented mind early in their development. “Reach for the moon and you may land amongst the stars.”

Self Assessment

It is crucial that students are realistic with themselves and learn to SELF ASSESS. The process of SELF ASSESSMENT is one of honesty, kindness and compassion. Being honest with oneself while training is the best way to ensure proper improvement, growth and knowledge. Honesty is crucial to SELF ASSESSMENT. Once the individual goals are set, the child can then use SELF ASSESSMENT to keep themselves on the track to achieving their goals. This will ensure the child becomes personally responsible for themselves, their actions and their future.

Personal Responsibility

Being RESPONSIBLE for one’s actions, proper etiquette, and good manners are essential to raising children to be successful in this world. Simply owning one’s actions and acknowledging them will stop distractions before they become out of control, as well as implement empathy. It is important to use our dance training to raise RESPONSIBLE children who are in charge of their own future.